Divisional Structure of the Group of Companies

The MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group is made up of independent, specialized and globally active sales & marketing divisions - each of them is responsible for its own specifically tailored brand portfolio.

Sales & marketing divisions with access to the central services of MUSIK MEYER CLS



The structure of the group ensures that all sales units have access to the various departments of the MUSIK MEYER Central Logistics & Services Division. These include business management functions such as logistics, accounting and IT. This unique blend of autonomy and the support of a large, strong partner in the background enables the sales & marketing divisions to concentrate on their core areas of expertise - brand development, brand management and expert distribution to specialist dealers all over Europe. 

It is the independence of the sales & marketing divisions that ensures their success. They act autonomously as profit centres and are in direct competition with each other. Continually striving to perform ‘better’ than the others and, to a large extent, ‘learning from each other’ automatically in the context of a learning organisation results in competitive advantages. This structure also makes it possible for brands competing on the market to be positioned in different MUSIK MEYER divisions, thereby ensuring a very extensive product portfolio within the group of companies, which can still be successfully marketed in a completely individual way.