After being checked, certain Musik Meyer instruments are given their own quality seal of approval by the quality control department.

Modern Logistics and outstanding Service

The sales & marketing divisions are run as profit centres. However, apart from sales and marketing, they do not perform any other business management functions such as stock-keeping, accounting, etc. The MUSIK MEYER Central Logistics & Services (CLS) Division was set up for this purpose. It performs these functions centrally for all the sales & marketing divisions behind the scenes, which helps create a significant level of synergy.

Support services provided by MUSIK MEYER Central Services & Logistics for the sales & marketing divisions of the MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group


ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING - we deliver on schedule
Logistics is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. In order to ensure reliable delivery to our business partners, MUSIK MEYER DIVISION CLS built one of the music industry’s most advanced logistics centres at the Group’s head offices.
Covering an area of more than 10,000m², the climate controlled warehouse stocks around 30,000 different items along with a variety of spare parts. Highly experienced staff, a state-of-the-art ERP system and efficient warehouse organisation enable the rapid delivery of ordered goods. As a result, more than half of all orders can be dispatched on the same day as the order is received.

QUALITY CONTROL - the highest levels of service and warranty
Inspectors specialising in the fields of wind, string and bellows instruments carry out regular checks on incoming and outgoing goods. Any instruments whose quality or playability may be affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature levels during transit are checked and adjusted by CLS employees before dispatch. 
Warranty and service repairs are carried out in the company’s own service workshops, which are manned by a team of 14 employees including workshop and spare parts managers. With our extensive stocks of spare parts and the product-specific knowledge of our technical team, we can quickly offer professional assistance. Each member of staff is responsible for a specific product range, which means that each one is extremely familiar with his or her own particular products. Each of our 11 engineers is therefore highly specialised and able to provide a high standard of support to both our partners and our customers.

IMPORT & SHIPPING - a competent contact for our suppliers

Our import department works at the highest international level and always ensures that international shipping orders are implemented securely, legally and on time. The department specializes in providing optimal support to suppliers in matters related to customs, foreign trade and the international shipment of goods and is also familiar with all the steps necessary to comply with international customs/tax law.

IT - the cornerstone of our business processes
As well as ensuring the smooth operation of all the high-tech hardware equipment at MUSIK MEYER, the IT department is responsible for programming a number of the necessary software applications. This creates added value for MUSIK MEYER business partners. For example, MUSIK MEYER plays a pioneering role in the musical instrument industry with regard to the electronic exchange of data with specialist dealers. It is thus able to respond extremely flexibly to the requirements of the sales & marketing divisions - and, therefore, the markets.

ADMINISTRATION - not only of importance behind the scenes
Accounts receivable and payable, purchasing, mail room and reception are key functions within a business. Most of the employees in these departments have regular close contact with customers and suppliers, and are therefore an additional advertisement for the company. In this respect too, the sales & marketing divisions receive exemplary support from the professionally organised CLS departments.