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The area marked in yellow is the core sales territory of the sales & marketing divisions of the MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group.

Current Sales Territory

The brand name products we import from all over the world are generally delivered to specialist dealers. The core sales territory consists of the markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czechia as well as the Benelux countries Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

However, MUSIK MEYER does not see that its role lies solely in the optimum allocation of products and in the provision of professional marketing support to commercial partners. MUSIK MEYER is also focused on making a positive contribution to further strengthening the already very firm foundation of the music industry in Central Europe - also, and especially, in light of newly emerging business models and trade structures. Coordinating our sales channels is therefore extremely important in terms of providing MUSIK MEYER business partners with a vital platform from which to compete successfully in our industry.

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