We bring People and Musical Instruments together!



MUSIK MEYER sees itself as a service provider and a link between specialist musical instrument dealers in Europe and musical instrument manufacturers around the world. We see both parties as customers and partners with whom we wish to build a lasting relationship. The important long-term components of this relationship are shown in the diagram on the left.

‘Vive la différence’ - this is the cornerstone of our long-standing corporate philosophy

Large & small
As a group of companies, we are a large, strong partner with shared, central logistics able to deliver a first-rate service to the market - but in terms of sales and marketing, unlike the rest of our industry, we operate through several small, personal and powerful units, which are solely responsible for opening up and developing the relevant market segments. With this extraordinary combination, we are able to provide optimum and individually tailored services to our suppliers, customers and a variety of different brands.

Classical & modern
Our product and brand portfolio covers a wide range of instruments, from wind instruments and classical guitars to high-tech, DJ and audio products. One of our main skills lies in using methods that have proven successful for decades and yet still being able to identify new trends and technologies at an early stage. Due to our company structure, we can do both and are therefore able to offer a unique combination of products and services in a number of market segments.

Traditional & progressive
We are proud of our heritage and our company history, and we continue to uphold our long-standing values and principles. Honesty, professionalism, reliability and consistency - these are the qualities we offer to our partners. However, we also stand for flexibility, innovation and the ability to respond rapidly to the latest demands of the international market. Our activities are also complemented by a healthy curiosity and openness, and the ability to promptly identify and take advantage of new opportunities and possibilities.

Old & young
Our company’s most valuable assets are its employees. Not only can we count on experience - 21% of our staff has been with us for longer than 20 years - but also on fresh, young people - 31% of our employees are under 35 years of age. Many of these were trained by us in-house.
This healthy mix of highly-motivated employees and a loyal, personal way of dealing with each other, as is only possible in a family-run business, is what inspires us to achieve top performance at all levels.