Business with Tradition

August Meyer

The roots of the company go back to 1857, when August Meyer started making clarinets by hand in Klingenthal, a small city in Eastern Germany.
Lateron, his son Max Meyer took over the business and specialized in the production of accessories related to wood wind instruments.
As a result of the turmoil surrounding World War II, the company was shattered, the country was divided into two parts and the Family fled to the Western part of Germany. Here Gotthold Meyer, the son of Max Meyer, laid the cornerstone for the development of the Musik Meyer Group.

The family of Max Meyer

In the year 1948, he founded the GOTTHOLD MEYER company in Marburg. In course of the intervening decades, it has evolved into today’s MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group.
At a very early point in time, Gotthold Meyer had a good grasp of importing music instruments and accessories, and after only just a few years he succeeded in combining a number of renowned products into a multi-faceted sales and marketing portfolio. As co-operation with suppliers was also aimed at maintaining long-term business relationships, some of those brands are still part of the company’s current product range.

Company Founder Gotthold Meyer

The music instrument market in the sixties and the seventies was frequently undersupplied, and the demand regularly exceeded the supply. At that time, the principal focus of the efforts of the company was on procurement management - the art of getting hold of enough instruments. The company grew continuously through sales and marketing of new brands and solid commercial work, and it has become one of the most important suppliers of music instruments in the European market.
In the early eighties, the situation in the market changed. The growing offer supply of music instruments resulted in increasingly more competition, which thus made it necessary to change the working methods of the company. The market became a buyer’s market. The most important fields of activity became the establishment of brands and marketing.

Elisabeth and Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer, son of the company founder, joined the company in 1971. Recognizing the needs of that time period, he began expanding the area of active marketing services for brand products besides pure import and sales activities.
The specific use of marketing measures aimed at generating demand and the building up of professional public relation activities continuously increased the brand awareness of the products cared for.

At the same time, a separate subsidiary was opened up in Switzerland in order to expand the sales territory in the German-speaking region. In the subsequent years, sales activities were also expanded to encompass Austria and the Benelux countries, and in Central Europe MUSIK MEYER became the exclusive sales partner for increasingly more manufacturers. Additionally, the company began to be active in many parts of Eastern Europe. 

In the year 1985, this diversification was continued through the establishment of M&T Musik & Technik GmbH. A highly diversified range of products as well as an increase in the demands placed on the company’s scope of services made it necessary to divide the company up.
In the course of the following years, additional specialised sales divisions were created, each with its own, individually made-to-measure brand portfolio. As a result of this division and specialisation, today the company is in a position to react to market requirements in a more target-oriented manner and thus to expand the market shares of the brands that it represents in a focussed and continuous manner
Completely rebuilt in 1995, the company premises in Marburg-Wehrda now comprise contemporary, welcoming offices as well as an impressive new warehouse and logistics centre which set a new benchmark in the musical instrument industry. Since the completion of another office building at the end of 2010, all activities and all employees with the exception of our Swiss colleagues have been based at this central location.

After six decades of successful development, MUSIK MEYER is now a well-respected player on the international musical instrument market. The name MEYER and the capital M in its logo have become an established brand around the world and a guarantee for reliable and professional distribution. As part of its internationalisation measures, the umbrella brand was given the designation MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group in 2000.
Today, the MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group employs around 190 people.