The Group’s Mission Statement


The forces that drive us and the ideas that guide us are characterised by our corporate culture and by our history. Traditional values such as consistency and reliability provide us with a foundation on which to build long-lasting business relationships. The passion for musical instruments and the pleasure they can bring are what motivates us. We pay meticulous attention to efficient processes - even beyond the boundaries of our own company. Whether we are dealing with manufacturers, suppliers or specialist dealers - our services are aimed at strengthening our partners and optimising the entire value chain. Our long-established understanding of international issues and cultures, which is constantly being refined, helps us with this task.


And this is how we wish to be seen by our partners - this is the goal we are continually striving to achieve:

"We enjoy working with Musik Meyer -
as you know what you are getting and you know where you stand.
They are the most professional partner we have the pleasure of working with.”

That is how it should be, and how it should remain.