Initiatives for encouraging People to play Music

We see it as one of our tasks to encourage people to get involved in playing music in its various forms in schools and in society. We promote music-related initiatives because we would like to get young people fired up about what fills us with enthusiasm - over and above our day-to-day business.

The sales & marketing divisions of the MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group therefore support a variety of national and international initiatives, sometimes with considerable funding. Here are some examples:

The MUSIK MEYER Group is an active member of the German music industry association SOMM (Society of Music Merchants). To further support the musical instrument industry in Germany, SOMM has presented its newly created video/TV spot entitled "Mach Deine Musik” (Make Your Music) with the aim of encouraging people to play an instrument.

The video spot was shown in seven German cities - on a total of 83 screens at 52 cinemas. And at an ideal time: at the start of the new Harry Potter film. The spot was also shown on TV on the Super RTL and VIVA channels.

The Ernie Ball/Music Man ‘Battle of the Bands’, an enormously successful talent contest, held in the USA every year since 1996, saw its popularity grow even further in 2006, when it expanded its boundaries and opened its doors to newcomer bands without recording contracts from all over the world. In 2011, talented bands will once again have the opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight and win one of the coveted prizes. All you have to do is register and upload a song in MP3 format.

Emergenza is a global, professionally organised talent contest which offers newcomer bands interesting opportunities to perform - with the help of local industry specialists. During the world final at the 2010 Taubertal Open Air Festival, the Swedish guitar and bass manufacturer Hagstrom provided the instruments for the best bands. In the end, this truly international event was won for the first time by a Japanese band - HANATOCHIRURAN from Tokyo. The band’s incredible guitarist also won a Marshall Half Stack. In addition to a number of other prizes - from manufacturers such as Sabian - the best bass player at the world final was also presented with a Marshall Half Stack.

In addition to this competition, Emergenza also offers a number of additional opportunities for all bands to perform at festivals, as support acts or as part of showcases or B.E.S.T. (Best of Emergenza Seasonal Tours). Musical quality and commitment are the deciding criteria in this respect.

The Baden-Württemberg Pop Academy (Popakademie) is not only a college, but also a centre of excellence for all aspects of the music industry. It fulfils this role with numerous projects relating to European collaboration, regional development and business development in the media centre of Baden-Württemberg.

‘SchoolJam’ is an incredible non-profit project for promoting young bands and popularising active music-making. SchoolJam aims to sustainably promote the culture of rock and pop music in Germany’s schools, show that playing music is fun and serve as a springboard to help further develop ambitious school bands. This nationwide school band festival is organised every year by the magazines, KEYBOARDS, GITARRE & BASS and STICKS, in collaboration with the music channel VIVA, Frankfurt Music Fair and the German Music Council. The goal is to find the best school bands in Germany which can then win gigs at big open-air festivals (e.g. Rock am Ring) and band tours in Germany and abroad, or recording sessions at professional studios. The schools also benefit as the eight finalist bands are presented with valuable music equipment.

The MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group supports SchoolJam activities by providing attractive sponsorship awards. Our group of companies is one of the biggest sponsors, providing schools in Hamburg, Freiburg, Leipzig, Rostock, Hannover and Cologne with basic equipment from brands such as MARSHALL, HAGSTROM, KORG, LAG, VOX , DEAN, PHONIC, VOICE Systems and HERCULES. With this initiative, we wish to help alleviate the problems caused by lack of funding in schools. Thanks to the support we provide, more and more students are able to get involved in music groups and band projects, and find out how much fun making music can be.

SchoolJam is not a casting event with the goal of finding and commercially developing a top band. It is more about providing general support to school bands and developing the relevant music activities in schools.
This non-commercial approach is demonstrated by the fact that all copyrights and other rights are retained by the bands, musicians and songwriters themselves.

Association of German Music Schools Verband deutscher Musikschulen
The Musik Meyer GmbH Company with its KORG & MORE Division is a sustaining member of the Association of German Music Schools. The association is the non-profit trade association of the public non-commercial music schools in Germany and committed to the development and implementation of youth and adult musical education as a specialist partner nationwide. The VdM Association is a registered private youth welfare institution and is supported from the funds of the Federal Government's Child and Youth Plan by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.