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The MUSIK MEYER workshop has about 15 employees. It’s their aim to ensure that your repair work is performed to the highest possible specifications.

Our Employees are the Foundation of our Company’s success!

The pillars of MUSIK MEYER’s global success are the approx. 190 employees who work to find impressive solutions for you and are always ready to rise to the challenge of new tasks. They are the ones who make our company so special. Well trained and highly motivated, they ensure that we meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers. 

On average, each employee has been at MUSIK MEYER for more than 12 years. This long service is just one of the reasons for the exceptional good business relations we have with international suppliers and specialist dealers. 

In addition around 40 sales representatives and sales office staff are ensuring a high quality of customer service and the smooth running of our sales processes. We also have more than 30 product managers who provide the marketing foundation for long-term market penetration success. 

Our successful business activities are complemented by employees who are often active behind the scenes, but their contribution is essential for a smooth-running operation: More than 50 employees are intensively involved with goods management incl. quality control and workshop activities. Also about 30 employees make a significant contribution to the success of our business processes by providing services such as purchasing, accounting, IT and general administrative duties. 

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