MUSIK MEYER Group takes over the distribution of GRUV-X

Hand Crafted. High Tech.
That's the slogan of GRUV-X, the company founded by Russ Miller and Bill Detamore in 2020.


Russ Miller may be known to many as one of the top session and touring drummers. However, his second and almost greater interest is in the development of musical instruments and accessories. As such, Russ has now launched over 80 products with various manufacturers. Bill Detamore founded Pork Pie Drums in the 1980s, one of the most sought-after manufacturers of custom drums and accessories.Already Gruv-X can boast a remarkable artist roster, that reads like a who's who of the international drumming scene.Artists like Chris Coleman, Peter Erskine, Matt Greiner, Gavin Harrison, Gerald Heyward, Greg Hutchinson, Thomas Lang, Pete Lockett, Ray Luzier, Jojo Mayer, Stanton Moore, Johnny Rabb, Kaz Rodriguez, Mark Schulman, Ash Soan, Nate Smith, Steve Smith, Aaron Spears, Rashid Williams, JD Beck and many more are convinced of the sound of the X-Clicks.

GRUV-X offers two new products, which we would like to introduce to you briefly here:

GRUV-X X-Click

GRUV-X now introduces the X-Click as its first project.
The "Extreme Cross Stick Percussion Accessory" is a novel and technologically perfected instrument. 24 layers of American Rock Maple and 2 layers of copper provide a smooth and full Cross Stick sound.

GRUV-X Mundo
GRUV-X Mundo

The most common rhythm in Afro-Cuban music, the "cascara", is the "Palito", usually played on the shell of a timbale.

As a "substitute" for the timbales shell sound, drummers often reproduce it on the shell of the Floortom. But the disadvantages are obvious. It doesn't sound like what it's supposed to sound like and the shell gets ruined as well. The unique combination of American Rock Maple and copper of the “Mundo” ("world" in Spanish) produces the full sound of a wooden shell and the metallic one of a timbale. Simultaneously!

GRUV-X Mundo is available in Natural Satin and can be attached to Floortom from 14" to 18" with the included mono-mount pair.

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