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MUSIK MEYER Group takes over the distribution of MARCA


The French company MARCA France was founded in 1957 by the GUCCINI family and is already in the 5th generation of reeds production. All MARCA products are exclusively made in France. With care in every production phase, MARCA combines craftsmanship with modern technology to produce superlative reeds at a competitive price.

MARCA only uses the finest French cane wood from the Var region, which is one of the highest-quality woods. Clarinetists and saxophonists from all over the world appreciate the quality and the special playing characteristics of MARCA reeds.

The large selection of MARCA reeds ranges from clarinet, saxophone and bass saxophones to bassoon and oboe. Therefore, the products from MARCA are the ideal complement to the current product portfolio at ARTIS MUSIC, Division of MUSIK MEYER.

For more information visit the MARCA Website...