Dear Business Partner,

Day in, day out, our entire specialist team works hard to promote and support the products and brands — all of them carefully and knowingly selected — in our portfolio.

We are a well-attuned and highly experienced team whose thorough knowledge of local sales practices and customer expectations are considered exceptional in our line of business. The same is said about our professional logistics and in-depth familiarity with all applicable regulations and administrative requirements. 

Yet, our biggest plus is probably the amazing scope and diversity of our marketing support activities for each and every product line and brand we carry. In addition to standard, "old-school”, advertising and marketing tools, we embrace new platforms, like the internet and its innovative possibilities, because our aim is clear: we want end users to experience the products we distribute in the most pleasant and informative way. Below you will find an overview of some of our activities. But that is only a fraction of what we do to let our partners’ products and brands shine.

Our in-house technical support is nothing short of impressive, and our dealer network has been carefully selected — for each product line to boot. The dealers we appoint count on our round-the-clock support and attractive dealer margins. Examples of our added value in this area include regular sales and promotion campaigns, our presence at events staged by our customers, and the organization of targeted and large-scale events.

Most of what we do is performed simultaneously, because we know from first-hand experience that dedication is a prerequisite for successful product marketing and distribution. We couldn’t care less about artificially inflated profit margins, because they are short-sighted. We prefer to invest most of our profit in new marketing activities for the product lines we distribute.

Despite everything we do for our partners, dealers and end-users, we probably have one shortcoming: we keep forgetting to remind our business partners how important their products are to us and how much loving care is devoted to them on a daily basis.


No doubt one of the highlights of Musik Meyer’s added value is our annual "House Fair” staged in September. Originally dreamed up as a pleasant and effective way to maintain and enhance our relationship with our dealer network, this fair has the distinct advantage that we "play at home” and can therefore deploy all our manpower and skills to keep our dealers interested in, and committed to, our product portfolio. In a relaxed atmosphere, we go out of our way to demonstrate the benefits of each and every product line and to point out why no dealer should do without them.

Inviting the 600 better dealers of our territory to our housefair - which we hold on our company premises in Marburg - with almost 1000 visitors from 250 retailers showing up, we have a good part of the MI-retail sales channel exclusively focussing on the products we distribute for two days. Those visitors include many heads of the different dealer’s shops departments and mostly all owners of mostly all major shops in our territory themselves, joining us for this weekend in September. Fine tuned during the years, this annual jamboree has become the second most important and popular industry event in Germany after Musikmesse in favour just for the product lines which we take care off.

If we never told you about all the things we do for our business partners, it is probably because we felt we didn’t know where to begin. Besides: how can one convey the unique mission-driven spirit and atmosphere of our House Fairs without sounding pretentious? But then it dawned on us that we have a professional in-house film crew that has been churning out workshops and product presentations for the web and other activities for years. So we asked them to prepare a documentary about the 2008 edition of our House Fair. That is how the above footage came about.

A picture says more than a thousand words, remember? And in our case, you get 25 frames per second during 15 minutes — with a sound track as added bonus.

On behalf of the entire Musik Meyer team, I hope you will enjoy watching us go about our daily work and walk the extra mile for your products. Please forgive us if we sometimes give the impression that we also consider them our products: those are the side effects that come with total and utter commitment. 


Yours sincerely, Matthias Meyer and the team of Musik Meyer